Kamis, 13 Desember 2012

Download Lagu OST Windows 8 terbaru

Pernah denger di televisi kan ? Ternyata setelah search di google, ketemu nih punyanya Daphne Willis - Do What You Want

Mukanya manis tapi sedikit gemuk, jadi inget temen gue yang di Semarang u.u IMU so much :(
**keasikan curhat**

Lagunya asik apalagi didukung iklan yang bagus juga, mau download ?klik disini.

Kalo mau liriknya juga, nih...

Do what you wanna do
What you wanna do
Do what you want

Do what you wanna do
What you wanna do
Do what you want

[Verse 1:]
Look at everybody lookin'
Checkin' a reflection
What do you see?

Scratchin' at the surface
Searchin' for a purpose
Who do you wanna be?

A Dick? A Jane? A King? Just a link on a chain?
And when you think this thinking drives you insane

It will
You need to get it out of your brain
And just....

Do what you wanna do
What you wanna do
What do you want?

Do what you wanna do
What you wanna do
Do what you want

Verse 2:
Makin' up your own rules
Swimmin' in your own pool
Changin' the game

Give your life a good shake
Do it for your own sake
Never the same

Be loud, be still, be anything you want and you will
Be anything as long as it's real

Do what you feel....

And just....

Do what you wanna do
What you wanna do
What do you want?
Do what you wanna do

What you wanna do
Do what you want
What it it you want?

Enjoy !!

Download mp3 The Midnight Beast - Die Young (Ke$ha Parody) and lyrics

the midnight beast ? sounds nggateli and lil bit freak ? maybe you think this is a band of rock or hardcore. But it's vertically wrong, they're a boy-band ! I mean a boyband with comedy side, and it just feels good and fun.

Oke cukup dengan bahasa Inggris gue yang sok, sekarang bahasa nasional aja.

Band ini, i mean boyband ini nggak kayak boyband korea ato indo yang personilnya itu banyak banget kayak mau tawuran dan lagunya nggak cinta mulu ato nge-dance mulu. Mereka ini ngaransemen sendiri, editing sendiri dan melaunching-kan sendiri. Mulanya muncul di youtube dengan akun the midnight beast sekitar 3 tahun lalu dengan anggota Stefan Abingdon, Dru Wakely, dan Ashley Horne. Video mereka home-made loh, dan aksi mereka disana itu kocak abis. Nggak tanggung-tanggung, mereka juga meng-cover dan memparodikan beberapa lagu penyanyi terkenal seperti Ke$ha dan Katy Perry. Lebih tepatnya meng-aransemen lagu, dengan lirik yang keseluruhan diubah total dan kebanyakan mereka hanya mengambil backsound-nya atau instrumentalnya. Sumpah lucu banget!!

Ini salah satu yang baru dari mereka, muncul baru kurang dari seminggu ini.

Dan ini liriknya:

I'm gonna live my life slow, at a comfortable pace
They call me granddad, 'cause it's written all over my face
My behaviour's controlled
No need to make the most of tonight, 'cuz we're gonna die old

Not that old, 23
Got my life ahead of me
What's the point in having fun? 
I'll do it when I'm 81
My favourite party's when nobody attends (You Know)
I'm in my pants watching a box set of  Friends (For Sure)

Oh my god... They're at it again (yeah)
Making my songs sound better again (double rhyme)
Parody is easy see, the words are right in front of me
Ke$ha is the best to do, 'cause her words are already poo


Different song, same old shit
Long as it gets YouTube hits MSN, after ten
You're really gonna do that joke again?
You thought that we'd be better, we been three years now together
Still got semen on my sweater from the one time we met Ke$harr
When I rap I slur, yes I got a lisp sir
Least I'm not rapping half pissed like Ke$harr

Oh my god... They've done it once more (uh-huh)
Making a song that makes me look like a whore (uh-huh)
Those gorgeous brits, they can't be controlled
The party don't start till we get old

This is the part where the rap break down
This is the part where we eat a clown
This is the part where the DJ skips
This is the part where we show our nips
This is the part on a different track
When I cry that my Dad won't ever come back 
But he’s back...

Shut the FUCK up!

He’s just an actor

We're gonna die old,
(Live Fast Die Old)

**sorry for being crazy suddenly**

You can download it here, click download (with a blue color) or listen (with orange color)