Kamis, 03 Maret 2011

tried to understand how to posted something on this blog

hey people, actually I don't know how to starting this words, but I just want to share my 'unek-unek' and make it not really heavy for me. I just a little girl that not well-known, not smart enough but just wanna make it simple *bingung dewe to? Langsung wae de... In my life, maybe I was too hard to think n too pusingin pala lo semua, that I think I was the only girl that not lucky. Sometime I was so sad and thought that god not fair to me, that I was the worst of the worst. I think I always fear about something I don't know... maybe it just my imagination, but I'm so scared, horror sendiri, kayak ngigau gitu (coz even I got sick ; often fever, I always ngigau gak jelas n dalam igauan *kata dasar ngigau apaan? tsb kayak da yang ngejar-ngejar gitu, trus something tuh jadi bulet-bulet ga jelas lah. N I have it more than 2 times, n still frightened if imagine it again. Satu lagi, I'm not fluently in english, so I'm waiting for your comment n critism. Oh ya, please teach me how to fix the clauses that wrong, Thx you ^^

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